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chilli Panner(dry/wet)


Chilli Paneer is a popular Indo-Chinese dish made with paneer (Indian cottage cheese). Just like the cauliflower dishes discussed earlier, Chilli Paneer can be prepared in two different ways: dry and wet.



  1. Chilli Paneer Dry:
    • In this version, paneer cubes are typically coated in a seasoned cornflour or all-purpose flour batter and shallow-fried until they are golden and crispy.
    • The fried paneer is then tossed in a spicy, tangy, and flavorful sauce made from ingredients like soy sauce, vinegar, red and green chilies, ginger, garlic, and various spices.
    • It’s called “dry” because the sauce is not too saucy; it coats the paneer cubes, giving them a spicy and tangy flavor. It’s often served as an appetizer or snack.
  2. Chilli Paneer Wet:
    • In the wet version, the fried paneer cubes are coated in a sauce that is more abundant and has a runnier consistency compared to the dry version.
    • This version is typically saucier and can be served with steamed rice or fried rice to make it a more substantial meal.


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