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Panner manchuriyan (Dry/Wet)


Paneer Manchurian, like Gobi Manchurian and Chilli Paneer, is another popular Indo-Chinese dish made with paneer (Indian cottage cheese). It can be prepared in two variations: dry and wet, each offering a unique taste and texture.



Paneer Manchurian Dry: In the dry version of Paneer Manchurian, paneer cubes are coated in a seasoned cornflour or all-purpose flour batter, deep-fried until they are crispy and golden, and then tossed in a flavorful and slightly thick Manchurian sauce.

Paneer Manchurian Wet: In the wet version of Paneer Manchurian, the fried paneer cubes are coated in a sauce with a runnier consistency. This version is served with more sauce, and it’s often paired with steamed rice or fried rice.


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